Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Hate

  • Early Morning morons who think jogging with headphones is cool on a street while not giving a damn about the car honking behind them.
  • The ooh-i-am-so-artsy picture on the facebook, with a half cropped side profile looking out of the window while it is raining, with a musical instrument in sepia tone.
  • Those use whatever as a punctuation mark
  • Those who think hmm....+lol+yoyoy is a good substitute for an entire language
  • Milan Sareen :: I don't care if you don't know her
  • Single button mouse
  • My campus Internet Connection
  • Those who think cryptic status updates are a way to make themselves a mystery woman
  • Those who fwd chain letters
  • Those who think driving in their own lane is for losers.
  • Metrosexual guys
  • Obsessed with joota-chappal girls
  • Those who hate windows cause it is cool to do so.
  • Segmentation Fault
  • Those who take excessive pictures of themselves during a group outing.
  • Those who think it is ok to be late
  • Small organizations/clubs who behave like fortune 500 companies with more designations then employees/members
  • Anorexic wannabe delhi 15-18 year old girls you find puking after their first large.
  • Shopping Malls
  • Male guards who will frisk you at enterance of various buildings
  • Myself when i can't remember what all i hate

Thursday, July 23, 2009

XKCD offline archive with mouseover text

this post has nothing to do with the generic theme of the blog, but who cares...

I wanted to create an off-line archive of web comic, and found plenty of shell script to do so, but none packaged the image with the mouseover/tooltip text (which for me was half the fun). So i did, what any self-respecting xkcd reader would do, i went on to create one. So here it is for all the xkcd fans.

The link to download the offline archive (from 1-592 in )

the script used to create it.

#Download all xkcd and package with tooltip text
#3rd June, 2009, created by subiet

for i in `seq 1 592`
echo "$(grep index.html | head -1 | cut -d\" -f4)" | convert -antialias -background yellow -page 1024x70 text:- $i.jpg

wget `grep index.html | head -1 | cut -d\" -f2`

convert -append $(ls -t | tail -n 1) $i.jpg $i.jgp
rm index.html
rm *.jpg
rm *.png



Fulltext of

fulltext for telescopictext.coom :: Yawning, I I and smearing my eyes with my fingers, I walked walked bleary eyed into the kitchen and made made myself boiled the kettle. filled the kettle. took the kettlegrabbed the kettle, unhooking it from the cord and filled it.. I filled it with fresh waterI turned the tap and drew fresh water, making sure it was cold enough checking with my hands to make sure it was cold enough () (The best tea comes from the coldest water!). I filled the kettle as I glanced outside at the mistoutside for a minute across the city mist. I could taste almost taste the grey. I got some biscuits. The kettle was full so I plugged it inThe kettle was half full, so I switched the tap off and returned it to its socket. I turned it on I flicked the power switch on and got some biscuits out.looked for biscuitssifted through the cupboards, looking for biscuits. Anything Anything above loose crumbs would do. I Thankfully I found some fusty digestives. Biscuits For some reason, biscuits are nicer always nicer when they're they've gone a bit dry and stale. I took the milk out of the fridge. I took the milk out of the fridge and poured some into a mug. I reached over and opened the fridge, retrieving the milk. I got a mug and poured some milk in. I poured a little into a mug at the same time as grabbing the mug from the cupboard and placing it on the surface. This This is a technique I developed that doesn't really save any time, but makes me feel clever. Then I made myself The kettle began grumbling fiercely so I poured water on to a teabag so I took it from the cord, threw a teabag into my cup and poured boiling water onto it and watched it brew. . I watched swirls brown swirls rise up and through the watermuted white of milky water. A few minutes passed. I put the teabag in the bin. I removed removed and squeezed the teabag, then flicked it into the bin. I picked up my mug and left the kitchen with teaa cupnice cup, hot cup of tea strong tea. by Joe Joe Davis Joe M Michael L Lambert Davis >

Sunday, July 20, 2008


maybe i am back! ;")

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Photography Blog

If you ever wished about taking better photographs, then this is for you

The World-Via My Lens

Friday, September 22, 2006

Why Ubuntu


Well the answer to that is short and simple, WHY NOT UBUNTU/LINUX?

For those who don't know what i am talking about, Ubuntu is a Linux Distribution, and Linux is an Operating System, and Operating System is the most essential software on your computer, another example of it is Windows)

See, guys, what i want to say, give Linux a chance, today it isn't what people thought a decade back it was, by that i mean a "geek ONLY" operating system. Ubuntu 6.06 can serve as good, rather very good starting point, and Linux doesn't have problems (unlike XP), in having other operating systems in your system, so you can always dual boot initially.

As for installation, Ubuntu 6.06 installation is the easiest thing on earth, seriously, it goes like this, you pop a cd in your drive and boot up the comp, there is complete running (but slow,as it is running from ram) OS in front of you, and you just click an install icon, and while the system is being installed, you can even check your mail or listen to some music, SERIOUSLY, you can do all this while the system is being installed. No complicated questions, etc, rather it can even suggest a partitioning pattern and do it for you too, all automatically.

Ubuntu by default comes with a complete set of tools that you need for your day to day use, for example (here i am mentioning the name of their windows counterpart for easy identification)- photoshop, media players, MS office, simple games, firefox, outlook express etc, all the linux varients of them are as good as the windows one if not better.

Installing,searching and UPDATING softwares in Ubuntu (and in general most Linux distros) with their package managers, is atleast 5x easier than windows.

And yes Ubuntu has one of the widest device & driver support that I've seen in any linux distro to this date. (even in modest terms i have seen quite a few)

Also till now, we have been talking about stuff in linux in a counterpart fashion, i mean seriously once someone gets addicted to linux way of life, it is difficult to go back to windows, for example Virtual Desktops rock my world, live icons are God sent, Nautilus Scripts, are just so convinient and helpfull, among many others.

BETTER filesystem, higher security(i just love the File Access Permission System in them) and stability are issues which already have been established beyond doubt. So i am ignoring them.

Another major point, it is FREE, and FREE as in every sense of the word, use it, contribute it, distribute it, play with it, and most importantly ENJOY it (edited due to inputs from the first comment). Seriously, there is something called as a FREE lunch, and all good things in life are FREE ;-)

Also the have an amazing user support forum, for help, if you need it.

By the Way, let me clear it that in general i don't have any problems with Microsoft or Bill Gates, i simply adore Bill Gates (for his vision) and i love in general Microsoft's hardware, xbox, mouses (yeah it is not mice) and keyboards.


And yeah, i am not being paid a single penny by anyone for this, i am doing to for love and not for commerce.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Getting Blogspot to work with Performancing

New Blogspot is great with some good features, but then there is a small problem of it not working with performancing, here is simple step by step guide to do so.

1) Choose Manual Config and then select "blogger" as blogging service
2) Type "" as the API URL
3) Username and password as normal

You are done!!! (but your posts will only be posted as drafts)

Happy Blogging

EDIT: 22 September, 2006

now you can download a development build of PFF, which supports (almost) blogger beta, here is a link for that